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Mara Moore Jewellery creates quality pieces that are one-offs. Mara has been making jewellery since 1990. After completing her Degree in Visual Arts / Jewellery Design at the College of Fine Arts, Mara has been selling her creations at the markets and shops in Sydney , Wollongong, and online for the past 30 years. She has run Adult and Children's Workshops and Parties in the Illawarra since 2003. Her beadwork also appears in her artworks which have been displayed in exhibitions locally and in Riga, Latvia.



"My influences are varied - from my Latvian heritage which is linked to medieval influences, to the glimmer of inspiration captured through my photography of seascapes. I enjoy working with a table of raw materials and letting the pieces create themselves and  come intuitively. "         



                                  Mara Moore

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