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Please note that Amber is a naturally made millions of years old stone usually cut from larger pieces or melted and formed into smaller regular beads and may be prone to breakage when transported. Please let us know if an item has arrived not as shown in the photo. Amber does have natural discolorations and cracks that some pieces are not identical. That is the beauty of Amber - it is unique!


Items will be refunded if the customer is not satisfied with the product or it was not as they expected. An alternative piece can also be made to suit.


Mara Moore Jewellery uses a third-party banking to verify payment, and data is kept secure. Customers will be contacted after their purchase was completed successfully.  Customers will have the option to sign up to a regular mailing list with  if they want to keep in contact and receive special deals and discounts for being valued returning customers .


Inquire about wholesale​ prices of our products. Mara Moore Jewellery will cater to the client and create a unique look for individual shops, selling stock at wholesale prices.

Mara Moore Jewellery is always interested in challenges to keep the brand fresh and new, and keep creating unique jewellery with a Baltic twist.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Payment Methods
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