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  • Can I change the earring wires to stainless steel or bronze colours?
    Yes you can - just let me know which earrings you would prefer on a different coloured earring wire, and it can be changed over.
  • Can I have a necklace on a shorter or longer piece of leather?
    Yes, you can. Please specify which necklace you would like and the type of leather/steel hoop and it can be modified. A longer version of a short necklace can also be made.
  • Can I have a piece made with a slightly different colour scheme?
    Yes you can! Just let us know the type of piece you like and what modifications you would like and a piece can be made specifically for you!
  • Do you have earrings/necklaces on sterling silver/gold findings as well?
    A pair of earrings/clasp on a necklace can be changed over to sterling silver or gold. The price will change to include the price of the new findings. Just email which ones and you will be given a quote for the new pair with your specified precious metal.
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